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Clockwork Golf FAQ


Q: Why have a video created ?

People now expect to see video content when they visit websites. People love to sit back and be engaged, and a short but professional video can inspire, answer questions, and show off the beauty of a golf club in less than 3 minutes !

In addition, venues for hire can quickly attract interest and bookings.

Q: We don't really have a budget for video

We have done our best to price our packages at a really competitive rate so that they are within the means of as many golf clubs as possible.

You should consider thinking of the video as a long term investment. 

Once created, it can be available to visitors 24/7 and for years to come making it a long term investment in the future of the club.

Consider how many extra full club members would be needed to cover the initial costs. Then consider how many new golfers will be attracted to the club over the coming years.

Its really a long term investment that will reap rewards for a considerable amount of time.

Clockwork golf ball on grass

Q: What can we do with the video once it's created ?

All our packages come with a copy of our "Video Marketing Guide" which will help you get the most out of the video we create.

Obviously the video should live on the homepage of your website, but it can also be used on a variety of social media platforms, YouTube, and used as an advert for people to view all over the internet if you so choose.

Q: How long does it take to finish a video ?

Once we take your booking, we'll work with you to agree a shooting schedule and develop the script. We always look to make the video under the best weather conditions possible; bright sunshine is best, so sometimes last minute changes are needed depending on the weather.

Once the filming is complete, you'll have the first draft within 2 weeks and an opportunity to send feedback before we deliver the final version to you.


Q: Are you licensed and qualified to fly ?

Yes. Our pilot is Remote Pilot Qualified (RPQ) and licensed by the CAA to operate UAV's (drones) for commercial use.

Q: Are you insured ?

Yes. We have public liability insurance for up to £5 million.

Q: Does the weather affect flying the drone ?

Yes. Aerial video is very much affected by the weather, so some flexibility when booking is required. We cannot for example fly in the rain or when it is too windy. Beyond that it is also worth considering that Aerial Video simply looks better when the sun is out !

Q: Are the prices quoted inclusive ?

The prices quoted include travel costs for our team who are based in the south east of England. If your golf club is in another area of the country we may need to add a small charge to cover additional travel costs. Our team can advise you.

Q: Can I speak to one of your team to find out more ?

Sure. Simply give us a call on 0845 860 3110 to talk with our team, or email us and we'll get in touch and assist in any way we can.

Clockwork Golf - Golf Club Marketing Video

If you have any other questions feel free to call one of our team who'd be happy to help.